JQuery Captcha Image Generator Wordpress Plugin

JQuery Captcha Code Generator wordpress plugin helps to generate images containing numbers, letters and also word list for verification. It ensures the security of the blog or website.


  • Simple and easy to merge into wordpress blog/website.
  • Protects and safeguards the blog or webpage from bots and spammers.
  • Simply refresh the code to get a new code.
  • Free to downlaod and use.


JQuery Captcha Image Generator Wordpress Plugin

Captcha image

Click on image to refresh

Enter the Code:



How To Install

  • Download the captchaimage-plugin.zip file.
  • Upload the .zip file into your wordpress plugins directory.
  • Activate the plugin in plugins page.
  • Use the below mentioned PHP code in any of your webpage from where you want the captcha image generator to function.

  • You can change the style in style.css file.
  • It can be used in contact us, comment or registration page in your website.

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