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How to host your website?


Web Hosting

A PC where all the files of a website is stored is known as a webserver, which should be connected to the internet always. The process of managing the space in the webserver to make a website available to everyone through internet is termed as Webhosting.Webhosting companies provide and manage these webservers with numerous websites hosted in it. Usually hosting packages are available from few dollars to few hundred dollars. A cheaper hosting package can be chosen from HIOX India from the available packages. Most important factor is the website's uptime to make a website available to visitors always, that depends mostly on the hosting company.Major types of hosting are Free Hosting, Shared Hosting,Dedicated Hosting
Before choosing the hosting options, it is better to know the technologies used in developing a website. Usually for microsoft technologies like ASP.net etc windows platform is best suited. Some of the platforms used for hosting are Windows, Linux, Ruby On Rails, Silver Light

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