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How to know about TLD or Top level domains?


Top Level Domains in Webbuilding

Top Level Domain is the last part of a fully qualified domain name. In the internet TLD's are provided the highest preference in the hierarchy of Domain Name System. Top Level Domains are divided mainly into two categories, they are Generic TLD's(gTLD's) and Country Code TLD's(ccTLD). The gTLD's contain three or more characters and ccTLD's are two letter domains meant for countries or territories.
Apart from this other TLD's include, sponsored TLD's that are sponsored by private agencies or organisations. Unsponsored TLD's that operate directly under the policy of ICANN.
Following table lists the Generic TLD's(gTLD's)
gTLD Description
.aero This TLD is for air-transport industry
.asia This TLD is for individuals, organisations, individuals from Asia, Autralia, Pacific region
.biz This TLD is for aimed for business or commercial entities.
.cat TLD dedicated for websites in the Catalan language or culture
.com Any one can use this TLD.
.coop TLD for cooperatives defined by rochdale principles.
.edu Educational institutions can use this TLD.
.gov TLD for government agencies, entities of United States.
.info TLD is open for registration by anyone.
.int TLD for organizations or offices bound by a treaty between nations.
.jobs TLD used by companies to advertis ethier own job openings and not third party jobs.
.mil TLDto be used by US Military.
.mobi TLD for websites that are compatible with mobile devices.
.museum TLD is used by museums alone.
.name This TLD is open for any person to register.
.net This TLD is open for any person or entity to register.
.org This TLD is open for any person or entity to register.
.pro TLD can be registered by certified lawyers,accountants, physicians and engineers of France,Canada,UK and USA.
.tel TLD for internet communication services.
.travel TLD for travel related websites.

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