Second Level Domain Name

How to know about second level domain names or 2LD?


Second Level Domain in Webbuilding

Second Level Domain is the next level of domain after the Top Level Domains. 2LD is found to the left of the Top Level Domain name. Second Level Domain name are classifed as Country Code Second Level Domain, Single Letter Second Level Domain

Country Code Second Level Domain:

The country code second level domain is found as a 2LD name to the respective country code TLD. For example the Country Code Top Level Domain Name for India is '.in'. So for companies or organisations from india can register a country code 2LD name as ''. Search engines like google have started giving importance to websites based on the geo-political settings of a browser, this has increased the number of this domains.

Single Letter Second Level Domain:

The Single Letter 2LD name has a single letter before the TLD. Only very few single letter second level domain name exists, since in 1993 the single digit and single letter domain names were reserved in the TLD's. Following table lists some of the existing single letter domain names.
gTLD Description Future Media Architects Qwest Privately Owned PayPal X.Org Foundation Nissan Motors

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