Web Hosting Types

How to know the types of hosting services?


Types of Hosting

Types of hosting can be categorized as Free hosting,Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting based on the technology used or the pricing for hosting.

Free Hosting Service:

Many hosting companies offer free hosting service. New bees to hosting industry provide free hosting for advertising and old timers use free hosting for promotion. Websites like freeindianhosting.com provides 5MB of space with a promise of 99.9% uptime. Small websites are most suited for free hosting.

Shared Hosting Service:

In this type of hosting more number of websites are hosted in a single server. But every website has it own share of resources with its own domain name, email, databases independently. This is the most economical and efficient way to host websites. Shared hosting is suitable for medium sized websites, even databases can be used.

Dedicated Hosting Service:

This type of hosting is little costlier, since a single website is hosted in a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is suitable for only large websites with very large databases and high traffic. Most of websites hosted in dedicated server requires high technical skills to manage them.

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