Integrated Developement Environment (IDE) for VB.NET

How to know about IDE for VB.NET?


Visual 2008 IDE

Integrated Developement Environment (IDE) consist of inbuilt compiler, debugger, editors, automation tools for easy developement of code.Visual 2008 IDE can by accessed by opening a new project.
Visual 2008 IDE was first introduced with version 5.0 and Integrated Developement Environment of Visual 2008 had undergone minor design changes. VB IDE consist of Solution Explorer, ToolBox, Form, Properties Window, Menu Bar. In Visual Studio windows related to a project are combined together and placed at certain locations on the screen. This type of IDE is know as Multiple Document Interface or MDI.

To make all the windows visible choose Window->Reset Window Layout to view all the windows.

Following is the screen shot of the IDE of Visual 2008.

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