Tooltip Control Properties in VB.NET

How to use the tooltip control properties in VB.NET?


Tool Tip Control Properties

Following table lists the Tooltip Control Properties, Events used commonly with the Tool Tip Control in Visual 2008.
Properties Description
BackColor Property used to Get or set background color for the control.
AutomaticDelay Property used to set or get the automatic delsy for the tool tip.
AutoPopUpDelay Property used to set a delay for automatic pop up of the control.
InitialDelay Property used to set an initial delay for the control.
ToolTipIcon Property used to choose the type of tool tip icon.
ShowAlways Property used to get or set whether the tool tip should be appear when its parent control is inactive.
Events Description
GetToolTip Returns a tool tip text.
SetToolTip Connects tool tip text with the tool tip.

Thus you can use the tooltip control properties in an effective way.

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