Toolbox in VB.NET

How to use the Toolbox in VB.NET?


Tool Box

Toolbox in Visual 2008 consist of Controls, Containers, Menu Options, Crystal Report Controls, Data Controls, Dialogs, Components, Printing controls, that are used in a form to design the interfaces of an application.
Following table lists the Common Controls listed in the ToolBox.
Images Control Name Description
Pointer Used to move and resize controls and forms.
Button This Control triggers an action when accessed.
Check Box Control that has values either true or false
CheckedList Box Lists check box next to each item
Combo Box A combination of list and text box controls that enables to select as well as edit text.
DateTimePicker Display a calender picker to choose the day and date.
Label Displays a label text.
LinkLabel Displays a label with a link text.
List Box Control that lists number of items.
List View Extension of ListBox control with options to add icons,headings.
Masked Text Box Uses a Mask to differetiate proper and improper text input.
MonthCalendar Enable to select date at runtime
Notify Icon Displays an icon in the Windows Tray
NumericUpDown Allows to input a integer of specific decimal places within a specific range.
Picture Box Display image files
Progress Bar Display the progress of a task.
Radio Button Allows to choose a choice from a group of choices.
Rich TextBox Allows to edit, input rich text.
Text Box Control used to input or display text.
ToolTip Displays tooltip text.
TreeView Displays the hierarchy of nodes.
WebBrowser Allows to open an html document in form.

Thus you can use the toolbox in an effective way.

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