TextBox Control Properties in VB.NET

How to use the TextBox Control Properties in VB.NET?


Textbox Control Properties

Following table lists the Textbox control Properties,Events, Methods used commonly with the Textbox Control in Visual Basic.net 2008.
Properties Description
TextAlign Text alignment is set using this property
Multiline This property is used to set more than one line text
ScrollBars This property is used to specify vertical and horizontal scroll bars.
MaxLength Property used to specify the maximum number of characters accepted by a TextBox Control.
Enabled Property used to enable a textbox control.
Index Property used to specify the index of a control array.
Readonly Property is set to true to use the control, false the control cannot be used.
SelectionLength Property is used set or get the number of characters selected in the text box.
SelectionStart Property is used set or get the starting point of a text box.
SelectedText Property is used for indicating the currently selected text box.
Method Description
Drag Method used for the drag drop functionality.
SetBounds Methods used to set the bound for the control at the specifed location and size.
Focus Method to set focus to a TextBox Control
Clear Method used to clear all text from the text box.
SelectAll Methods used to select all the text in the control.
Select Method to selects the text in the text box.
Copy Method used to copy selected text.
Cut Methods used to cut the selected text.
Paste Method to paste the text in the control to the clipboard.
Events Description
AutoSizeChanged Triggered when the AutoSize property is changed.
ReadOnlyChanged Triggered when ReadOnly property value changes.
Click Triggered when the control is clicked .

Thus you can use the properties of textbox control in an effective way.

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