PictureBox Control Properties in VB.NET

Picturebox Control Properties in VB.NET?


PictureBox Control Properties

Following table lists the Properties, Methods, Events used commonly with the Picture Box Control in Visual Basic.net 2008.
Properties Description
BackColor Property gets or sets the bsckground color for the control.
SizeMode Property used to Get or sets size options for the control.
BorderStyle Property used to specify the border style for the control.
Font Property to used to set or get the font style for the control.
Image Property used to specify the image to be loaded either from a resource file or from a local location.
Visible Property to used to specify whether to make the control visible.
WaitOnLoad Property to used to wait till the a big image gets loaded.
Enabled Property to used to enable or disable the control.
Events Description
Resize Triggered when the picture box is resized.
SizeModeChanged Triggered when the SizeMode changes.

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