Operator Precedence in VB.NET

What is operator precedence in VB.NET?


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Operator Precedence is the order in which the operators in the expression are evaluated. The Arithmetic operators have the highest precedence followed by concatenation, comparison, logical, bitwise operator. All the comparison operators in Visual Basic.net 2008 have equal precedence so that they are evaluated from left to right.
Operators Description
^ Exponentiation
+,- Unary identity and negation
*, / Multiplication and floating-point division
Integer division
Mod Modulus arithmetic
+,-, + Addition, Subtraction, String concatenation
& String concatenation
<<,>> Arithmetic bit shift
=, <>, <, <=, >, >=, Is, IsNot, Like, TypeOf...Is All Comparison, Logical, Bitwise Operators.
Not Negation
And,AndAlso Conjuction
Or,OrElse Inclusive disjunction
Xor Exclusive disjunction

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