Menu Bar, Menus in VB.NET

List of menus in VB.NET?


Menu Bar

Menu bar in Visual 2008 consist of the commands that are used for constructing a software code. These commands are listed as menus and sub menus.
Menu bar also includes a simple Toolbar, that lists the commonly used commands as buttons. This Toolbar can be customized, so that the buttons can be added as required.

Following table lists the ToolBar Buttons and their actions.
Button Description
Adds a new Project.
Open a New Window.
Open a File.
Saves the Current Form.
Saves all files related to a project.
Cut the selection.
Copy the selection.
Paste the selection.
Find the searched text.
Comment out selected lines.
Uncomment the selected lines.
Continue Debugging.
Break Debugging.
Stop Debugging.
Displays Solution Explorer.
Displays Properties Window.
Displays Object Browser.
Displays ToolBox Window.
Displays Error List Window.
Displays Command Window.

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