Math.Sinh Function in VB.NET

What is Math.Sinh function in VB.NET?


Math.Sinh Function

Math.Sinh in VB.NET is a mathematical function, used to find the Hyperbolic Sine value for the given angle.If the value is negative or positive infinity or NaN, it returns an equivalent value in Double datatype.


In the above syntax Value specifies the .

Module Module1
Sub Main()
Dim a As Double = 0
Dim b As Double = 1
Console.WriteLine("The Hyberbolic Sine value of 0 is::
" & Math.Sinh(a))
Console.WriteLine("The Hyperbolic Sine value of 1 is::
" & Math.Sinh(b))
End Sub
End Module

The Hyberbolic Sine value of 0 is::0
The Hyperbolic Sine value of 1 is::1.1752011936438

In the above example, the Math.Sinh mathematical function is used to find the hyperbolic sine value of '01', '1'.

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