Masked Textbox Control Properties in VB.NET

What are the properties of masked textbox control in VB.NET?


Masked TextBox Properties

Following tables list commonly used Properties used in Masked TextBox Control in 2008.
Properties Description
TextAlign Text alignment is set using this property
Mask This property is used to set the predefined mask description.
TextMaskFormat This property is used to gets or sets a value that determines the literals, prompt character to be included in the formatted string.
HidePromptOnLeave Property used to hide the mask characters, literals when the focus is lost from the control.
AllowPromptAsInput Property used to set the input character as per the specified by moving character.
TextMaskFormat Property used to specify the formatting for the text.
RejectInputOnFirstFailure Property used to gets or sets a value indicating whether to stop user input after the first invalid character is entered.

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