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What are Form Properties?


Form Properties

Forms in Visual 2008 is so important to the user as it is the application for the user. So identifying and displaying forms is vital to the usability of an application. Even the developers need to alter the properties to manage the forms in
Following table lists some important Properties of Forms in Visual 2008.
Properties Description
BackColor Set's the background color for the form
BackgroundImage Set's the background image for the form
Cursor Set the cursor image when it hovers over the form.
AllowDrop Specifies whether to accept the data dragged and dropped onto the form.
Font Get or sets the font used in the form
Locked Specifies whether the form is locked.
FormBorderStyle Get or set border style of a form
Text Provide the title for a Form Window
Control Box Determines whether the ControlBox is available by clicking the icon on the upper left corner of the window.
Icon Specifies icon for the window on the upper left corner.
MousePointer Sets the type of mouse pointer to be displayed when hovered over an specific area.
AcceptButton Get or sets the form button if the enter key is pressed.
Language Specifies the loaclized language.
Autoscroll Specifies whether to enable auto scrolling.
MaximizaBox Specifies whether to display the maximize option in the caption bar of the form.
IsMDIChild Defines whether the form is a container of Multiple Document Interface(MDI) child form.
MinimizeBox Specifies whether to display the minimize option in the caption bar of the form.

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