Debugging In VB.NET

What is Debugging?


Debugging in 2008.

Debugging is a process by which the errors in coding are set right. For this we need to know the type of errors and when they occur.
Syntax Error:

These type of errors are triggered while compiling, when the code is not understandable to the compiler.Usually this type of errors occur due to bad syntax like wrong keywords, programming structure mistakes.

Syntax errors in 2008 are highlighted using a line and also a tool tip appears specifying the reason for the error, as the mouse is moved near the point where the error occured. These errors are also displayed in the Error List window in the bottom of the screen.
Run-Time Errors:

These type of errors are exceptions triggered when the code is executing something that is illegal to environment. Some of the example's for this are division by zero, trying to access an non existent file, declaring arrays out of bounds etc.Run time errors can be handled using the code also.
Run time errors in are displayed using a yellow padding over the code, along with a window specifying the exception handled,with the troubleshooting tips, the Actions required in detail.
Logical Errors:

These errors are defined as errors that are very hard to find out. The code may compile and run properly but may produce undesired results. Incorrect for an expression like 2 instead of 20 may also be considered as a logical error.

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