Debugging Tools In VB.NET

What are the Debugging Tools?


Debugging Tools in 2008.

Debugging tools built into can be accessed under Tools->Options. Click on the the '+' against Text Editor and on the '+' against Basic. Now select VB Specific, all the options has to checked to get the following debugging options.
Automatic insertion of end constructs:

By enabling this option when end constructs are added automatically. When Sub Main is typed in End Sub is added automatically.
Pretty Listing (reformatting) of Code:

By enabling this option extra spaces in the code are removed, tab position is set, missing controls structure statements are added, paranthesis are added to function calls, end quotes are added, dates reformatted.
Enable Outlining Mode:

By enabling this option a section of the code can be collapsed and viewed as required by clicking on the '+' and '-' signs in the outline.
Automatic Insertion of Interface and MustOverride Members:

By enabling this option the editor inserts prototypes for members that are implemented, inherited or overidden.
Show Procedure Line Seperators:

By enabling this option line sepeartion is added to the code at appropriate places like after a procedure, sub etc.
Enable Error Correction suggestions:

By enabling this option, solutions to common errors with an option to select the appropriate correction that can be applied to the code are added.

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