CheckedListBox Properties in VB.NET

Notable Properties of CheckedListBox in VB.NET


CheckedListBox Properties in VB.NET

Following tables lists commonly used properties, methods, events with the Checked List Box Control Visual 2008.
Properties Description
HorizontalScrollbar Property used to Get or set if a checked list box should display a horizontal scroll bar.
Item Height Property returns the height of an item.
Items Property returns the items of this control.
MultiColumn Property to get or set the if the checked list box allows multicolumn.
SelectedIndex Property used to set or get the selected item in the control.
SelectedItem Property used to get or set the selected item.
SelectedItems Property used to get or set the selected items.
Locked Prevents the control being moved at design time.
Method Description
ClearSelected Method used to unselect the items in the checked list box.
FindString Method used to find the string in the first item of the control.
GetItemChecked Method used to get if the indicated item is checked or not.
GetItemCheckedState Method used to get the check state of teh current item.
GetItemText Method used to get the text of an item.
SetItemChecked/td> Method used to check if the item at specific index.
SetItemCheckState Method used to set the items check state.
Events Description
SelectedIndexChanged Triggered when the SelectedIndex property is changed
ItemCheck Triggered when the item checked state chnages.

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