info SVN Command

How to use info SVN (Subversion) Command in Linux / Windows?


info command is used to get the information about the file like Filename, Path, Repository Root, Repository UUID, Revision, etc.


svn info <filename>
<filename> - is not mandatory. If file is not given, it will get the information about the main project.


  • Now you can get the information about the files using the following command.
    svn info test1.txt

  • Output:--------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Path: test1.txt
    Name: test1.txt
    Repository Root:
    Repository UUID: 113dae95-3759-4fb1-9849-1d45abce66ef
    Revision: 4
    Node Kind: file
    Schedule: normal
    Last Changed Author: testsvn
    Last Changed Rev: 4
    Last Changed Date: 2006-01-02 02:50:38 +0530 (Mon, 02 Jan 2006)
    Text Last Updated: 2012-12-26 16:35:27 +0530 (Wed, 26 Dec 2012)
    Checksum: 364093d03b00f0bfd081c319e1594e7a



From the above cmd, the information about the file 'test1.txt' was obtained.

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