import SVN Command

How to use import SVN (Subversion) Command in Linux / Windows?


import command is used to upload a project from the local folder into the server repository.


svn import path <URL> -m <log message>


  • Now you can import the files or directories using below command.
    svn import /home/test/test2/ -m 'initial import'
    /home/test/test2/ - Path of the local folder
    Adding svntest
    Adding svntest/test2.txt
    Adding svntest/test
    Adding svntest/test1
    Skipped '.svn'
    Adding dir
    Adding test1.txt
    Committed revision 8.

    It copies the file and directories from the local folder into the repository.


By using the above cmd, all the files and directories in test2 were uploaded into the repository.

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