help SVN Command

How to use help SVN (Subversion) Command in Linux / Windows?


help command provides the information about the svn commands.


svn help <subcommand>
<subcommand> - is not mandatory. If command is not given, it will list all the subversion commands.


  • Now you can get the help about any svn command.
    svn help add
    add: Put files and directories under version control, scheduling
    them for addition to repository. They will be added in next commit.
    usage: add PATH...
    Valid options:
    --targets ARG : pass contents of file ARG as additional args
    -N [--non-recursive] : obsolete; try --depth=files or --depth=immediates
    --depth ARG : limit operation by depth ARG ('empty', 'files',
    'immediates', or 'infinity')
    -q [--quiet] : print nothing, or only summary information
    --force : force operation to run
    --no-ignore : disregard default and svn:ignore property ignores
    --auto-props : enable automatic properties
    --no-auto-props : disable automatic properties
    --parents : add intermediate parents
    Global options:
    --username ARG : specify a username ARG
    --password ARG : specify a password ARG
    --no-auth-cache : do not cache authentication tokens
    --non-interactive : do no interactive prompting
    --trust-server-cert : accept unknown SSL server certificates without
    prompting (but only with '--non-interactive')
    --config-dir ARG : read user configuration files from directory ARG
    --config-option ARG : set user configuration option in the format:
    For example:



From the above cmd, the description and syntax about the svn 'add' cmd is printed.

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