checkout / co SVN Command

How to use checkout / co SVN (Subversion) Command in Linux / Windows?


checkout / co command is used to checkout a project and its current files from the svn server.


svn checkout http://<servername>/testsvn
svn co http://<servername>/testsvn


  • Now you can download the projects from the server using below command.
    svn checkout or
    svn co - is the server name or ip in which the svn repository is running.
    testsvn - is the project name.

  • Consider that there was a file in the server repository for this project named 'test1.txt'.
    The following files will be downloaded from 'test1.txt' using checkout cmd,
    - folder named 'testsvn'.
    - a file inside the testsvn folder named 'test1.txt'.
    - svn folder inside testsvn containing all the repository and revision details of the files.


From the above cmd, the files inside 'testsvn' were checked out.

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