Standard Toolbar in Powerpoint

How to Use the Standard Toolbar in Powerpoint


Standard toolbar contains a set of icons used for the basic functionality of an powerpoint presentation like opening file. Standard Toolbar can be displayed using 'View -> Toolbar -> Standard'.

Use of Standard Toolbar in Microsoft Powerpoint 2002

Following table lists the Common Commands in the Standard Toolbar.
Item Name Description
New Button used to open a new powerpoint presentation.
Open This button is used to open a existing presentation.
Save Button used to save a presentation.
Search Option used to search for a text in the presentation.
Print Button for a printing a presentation.
Print Preview Takes you to the print preview screen.
Spellcheck Checks the spelling of a text.
Cut Button to cut the seleced text.
Copy Copies the selected text.
Paste Pastes the selected text.
Format Painter Copies a formatting style to another application.
Undo Reverses the last performed action.
Redo Reverses the last delete action.
Insert Chart Button used to insert a chart.
Insert Table Button used to insert a table.
Insert Hyperlink Button used to insert a hyperlink.
Expand All To view all the contents of a slide.
Show Formatting Button to Hide/ Show text formatting.
Show/Hide Grid Button to Show/Hide grids.
Color/GrayScale Changes the text in color or to grayscale.
Zoom Used to Magnify a slide.
Help Buttons for Powerpoint help topics

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