Add Header and Footer in Powerpoint

How to Add Header and Footer in Powerpoint?


In powerpoint, notes, handouts, date and time, slide number can be added to the footers or headers of a slide automatically. It can be done by clicking 'view->Header and footer'. Either an updated date will be added automatically or it can be a fixed date.

Add Header and Footer in Microsoft Powerpoint 2002

  • In the above example,for every slide the date time is set to update automatically.
  • Slide number, footer text is also added to all the slides.
  • 'Notes and Handouts' option is used to include header, page number, footer that will be only printed.
  • All the option under the 'Notes and Handouts' will not visible in a slideshow, but only when printing.
  • 'Apply All' options is used to apply the changes to all slides, otherwise 'Apply' option can be used.

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