Master Options in PowerPoint

How to use master options in powerpoint?


Master option contains three other sub options, they are Slide Master, Handout Master, Notes Master. All these options are used to customize slides when printing a slide.

Master Option in Microsoft Powerpoint 2002

Slide Master:
This option is used to set the font style, color, background deisgn, color, bullet styles, placeholder for objects in a Master Slide, that will be globally used in all the slides included in the powerpoint presentation.
Handout Master:
This option is used to customize the slide for printing, the changes will not reflected in slide shows or either in the slides. Contains four boxes for header, footer, date, number in the four corners of a page.
Notes Master:
This option is used to add appropriate notes for the text as required. Notes appear only in printed slides and will not be displayed in slide shows.

  • In the above example, the 'Slide Master' is used to set different colors for the text that appears in the slide.
  • 'Handout Master' is used to insert date on the top right of the page.
  • 'Notes Master' is used to type in the note for the different level of text.
  • All this options used will get displayed only while printing.

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