Drawing Toolbar in PowerPoint

How to use Drawing toolbar in PowerPoint?


Drawing Toolbar in powerpoint is found just above the status be that has commands creatind and editing graphics that include font color, wordart, color fill tool, shadow tool, arrow tool, line style, line width, draw menu etc. Drawing Toolbar can be displayed using 'View -> Toolbar -> Drawing'

Drawing Toolbar in Microsoft Powerpoint 2002

Following table lists the Common Commands in the Drawing Toolbar.
Item Name Description
Draw Display a menu to flip and rotate, order, change autoshapes of graphics.
Select Objects Button to select any object on the slide.
Autoshapes Button to display a menu of predefined shapes.
Draw Line Button to draw a line.
Draw Arrow Button to draw an arrow.
Draw Rectangle Button to draw a rectangle.
Draw Oval Button to draw an oval.
Draw TextBox Button to draw a textbox.
WordArt Button to select a wordart style for the text.
Insert Chart Button inserts a chart into the slide.
Insert Clipart Inserts a clipart into a slide.
Insert Picture Inserts a picture into a slide.
Fill Object Color Color ticker for the fill color.
Line Color Color ticker for line color.
Font Color Button for displaying color ticker for fonts.
Line Style Button for selecting the line styles, thickness of lines.
Dash Style Button for selecting dash styles.
Arrow Style Button for different arrow styles.
Shadow Style Button for different shadow styles.
3D-Style Button for different 3D effects.

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