Custom Animation in PowerPoint

How to Make Custom Animations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2002?


Custom Animation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
Custom Animation in PowerPoint is used to animate each and every object contained in a slide. Select Slide Show -> Custom Animation from the menu. The effects can be added to the 'Entrance', 'Emphasis', 'Exits', 'Motion Paths' of an object. User can specify the start time, direction, and speed of the animation.

  • In the above example, background color is added for a text object.
  • On the slide entrance, the text is given blind effect vertically.
  • Using the 'Emphasis' option the font type is changed.
  • Using the 'Motion Path' the text is moved diagonally to the right.
  • Every custom animation effect can be previewed using the 'Play' button.

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