Syntax of PHP File

Syntax used in PHP File


A PHP script starts with <?php and ends with ?>. This script can be placed anywhere in the document. PHP usually has HTML tags, along with some PHP coding.

PHP Syntax:

PHP Code Here

Note :

The PHP file should be saved using the *.php extension, not *.html, if saved in *.html extension then the PHP code will not be executed.

Example :

To display an message "Good Morning" following code is executed.


echo "Good Morning";
//This is a comment
# This is a comment
This is
a comment

Result :

Good Morning

In the above example the "echo" command displays the string given inside quotes. All the PHP code lines should end with a ";". PHP supports all formats of comment's used in UNIX,C languages like "//","/**/","#".

Go ahead with the tutorial.As you read more you will understand it well.

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