PHP vfprintf Function

What is vfprintf Function?


This function is used to write a formatted string to a stream.



In the above syntax "stream" specifies where to write the string,"format" specifes the formatting string to be used "%%", "%b", "%c", "%d", "%e", "%u", "%f", "%F", "%o", "%s", "%x", "%X", "argarray" specifies an array with arguments to be inserted at % sign.

Example :

$str = "Hi";
$number = 200;
$file = fopen("test.txt","w");
echo vfprintf($file,"%s my mark is %u",array($str,$number));

Result in the browser:


Result in "test.txt".

Hi my mark is 200

In the above PHP example the output is written into the file "test.txt", the string is written based on the formatting strings.

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