PHP money_format Function

What is money_format Function?


This function is used to format a number as a currency string.



In the above syntax "string" specifies the text to be formatted, "number" specifies the number to be inserted after % sign.

Following are the possible formatting parameters for the string
"=f" Flag Character f is used for padding, by default space is the fill character
" " Flag Disable the use of grouping characters
"+ or (" Flag Specify the formatting style for positive and negative numbers
"!" Flag Suppress the currency symbol from the output string
"-" Flag If present, it will make all fields left-justified
"W" Flag A decimal digit string specifying a minimum field width
"#n" The maximum number of digits (n) expected to the left of the decimal character
".p" A period followed by the number of digits (p) after the decimal character
"i" The number is formatted according to the locale's international currency format
"n" The number is formatted according to the locale's national currency format
"%" Returns the % character

Example :

$number = 1455.56;
setlocale(LC_MONETARY, 'it_IT');
echo money_format('%.2n', $number)."n";
Result :

L. 1.455,56

In the above PHP example the currency is printed in the Italian currency format with two decimal places.

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