mysql_get_proto_info() function in PHP

What is mysql_get_proto_info() function in PHP?
How does mysql_get_proto_info() works?


This mysql_get_proto_info() function gets information about the MySQL protocol.
int mysql_get_proto_info ( [resource link_identifier])

Returns the MySQL protocol version on success, or FALSE on failure.
mysql_get_proto_info() returns the protocol version used by connection link_identifier. If link_identifier is omitted, the last opened connection will be used.

//print MySQL protocol version
printf("MySQL protocol version: %sn", mysql_get_proto_info($link));

The code will display MySQL protocol version of connection '$link' passed as parameter. If connection is omitted, the last connection opened by mysql_connect() or mysql_pconnect() will be used as parameter to display MYSQL protocol version.
MySQL protocol version : 10
See also:
mysql_get_client_info(), mysql_get_host_info() and mysql_get_server_info().

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