PHP Include Function

What is Include() function?


Include() function is similar to Return statement the only difference is that include function will continue code execution after giving a warning message, but require will end the code execution after giving a Fatal error message

Include structure is usually used to add headers, footers. In a webpage the header, footer contents are stored in a file and included in each every webpage files, so that to make changes, one need not change each and every file.

Files for including are first looked for in the current working directory, and then in the directory of current script. The included file will inherit the variable scope of the line in which include is called, but all functions, classes will have a global scope.


echo "<a href=''>Home</a>";
echo "<a href=''>About Us</a>";
$color = 'red';
$fruit = 'cherry';


echo "A $color $fruit";
include 'test1.php';
echo "A $color $fruit";
Result :
A Home About Us A red cherry

In the above example the header is added and also the variable declared, but is displayed only after the include structure is called in the script.

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