PHP Array User Defined Comparison

What is uasort() Function?


The "uasort()" function sorts an array with a user defined comparison function and maintain index association.



In the above syntax "array" is the array to be sorted,with a user defined comparison function.The user defined function should return 0,1,-1.

Example :

function my_sort($a, $b)
if ($a == $b) return 0;
return ($a > $b) ? -1 : 1;
$p = array("Swanson" => "Joe",
"Griffin" => "Peter", "Quagmire" => "Glenn",
"swanson" => "joe", "griffin" => "peter",
"quagmire" => "glenn");
uasort($p, "my_sort");
print_r ($p);
Result :

[griffin] => peter
[swanson] => joe
[quagmire] => glenn
[Griffin] => Peter
[Swanson] => Joe
[Quagmire] => Glenn

In the above example the array "$p" is sorted, using the user defined function and displays the values.

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