PHP idate() Function

What is a idate Function?


The "idate()" function is used to format a local time/date as integer.



In the above syntax the parameters for the function are "format", which specifies the format of the output, timestamp, is a default field which specifies date or time to be formatted, if not specified it will take default Current Time.

The following are the format parameters for idate() function.
Format Description
B Swatch Beat/Internet Time
d Day of the month
h Hour (12 hour format)
H Hour (24 hour format)
i Minutes
I returns 1 if DST (daylight saving time) is activated, 0 otherwise
L returns 1 for leap year, 0 otherwise
m Month number
s Seconds
t Days in current month
U Seconds since the Unix Epoch (January 1 1970 00:00:00 GMT)
w Day of the week (Sunday=0)
W ISO-8601 week number of year (week starts on Monday)
y Year (1 or 2 digits)
Y Year (4 digits)
z Day of the year
Z Timezone offset in seconds

Example :

$timestamp = strtotime('1st February 2006'); //1072915200
// this prints the year in a two digit format
// however, as this would start with a "0", it
// only prints "6"

echo idate('y', $timestamp);
Result :


In the above example the format 'y' returns the value of a year in a two digit format, since the year specified is "2006", first digit is 0, it displays 6.

Note :

(PHP 5)

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