Alias Date/Time Functions in PHP

What is Alias Date/Time Function?


The following are some of the Alias Date/Time Functions.
date_add - Alias of DateTime::add date_create_from_format - Alias of DateTime::createFromFormat date_date_set - Alias of DateTime::setDate date_diff - Alias of DateTime::diff date_format - Alias of DateTime::format date_get_last_errors - Alias of DateTime::getLastErrors date_interval_create_from_date_string - Alias of DateInterval::createFromDateString date_interval_format - Alias of DateInterval::format date_isodate_set - Alias of DateTime::setISODate date_modify - Alias of DateTime::modify date_offset_get - Alias of DateTime::getOffset date_sub - Alias of DateTime::sub date_time_set - Alias of DateTime::setTime date_timestamp_get - Alias of DateTime::getTimestamp date_timestamp_set - Alias of DateTime::setTimestamp date_timezone_get - Alias of DateTime::getTimezone date_timezone_set - Alias of DateTime::setTimezone timezone_abbreviations_list - Alias of DateTimeZone::listAbbreviations timezone_identifiers_list - Alias of DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers timezone_location_get - Alias of DateTimeZone::getLocation timezone_name_get - Alias of DateTimeZone::getName timezone_offset_get - Alias of DateTimeZone::getOffset timezone_name_from_abbr - Returns the timezone name from abbrevation timezone_transitions_get - Alias of DateTimeZone::getTransitions

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