Source Patching

How to use the Patch Tool in Adobe Photoshop?
Patching from source to destination?


  • The "Patch Tool" tool is used to repair a portion of an image with the pixels or pattern selected from another area.
  • The most important decision to make before using the Patch tool is whether to patch from source,or from destination.

Patching From Source:

  • Using the "Patch Tool", select a portion of an image.
  • Make sure to choose "Source" from the "Options Bar" before selecting the image.
  • The selected portion acts as the source image, which you can move to the required destinations without affecting the original image.
  • In order to move the source image to the desired location choose "Destination" from the "Options Bar", click and drag the selection.
  • By selecting "Transparent" Option, the background portion will not be affected by patching the source.

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