Creating a PSD file

1) How to create files in PSD format using adobe photoshop?
2) How to create a PSD file?
3) Photoshop file extension


  • PSD is the default file format of Adobe Photoshop, which allows images to be saved while at the same time retaining fully editable layering.
  • Inorder to edit files having an image or text in a layer, one has to specify the layer.
  • Layers can be created using the options"Window" -> "Layers", or "Layer"->"New Layer".
  • To hide at particular layer, click on the "Eye Symbol" in the "Layers Window".
  • In the following example, we use the brush tool, to draw an image, that will be in layer 0.
  • In a new layer, named as "Layer 1", another image is drawn.
  • In the color picker select a different color and try.
  • Photoshop supports files in the gif, jpeg, psd and png extension.
  • Save the file in the default photoshop extension(ie.,*.psd). So that, the file can be edited in future for further modifications.

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