Using the Pen, Anchor Point, Convert Points Tools

How to use the Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop?
Freeform, Anchor / Delete anchor Point, Convert Points Tools.


  • The "Pen tool" is used to draw an image, shape or make selections, by adding points.
  • When you click and hold the pentool icon in the toolbar, you may find five hidden tools. They are Freeform Pen, Anchor Point, Delete Anchor Point and Convert Point Tools.
  • The "Freeform Pen Tool" is used to draw lines or shapes freehand.
  • The Freeform does not give you perfect shapes, you can make changes to the selections further with the other pentools.
  • The "Anchor Point tool" is used to add additional points to change an image without redrawing.
  • The "Delete Anchor Point tool" is used to delete the points added to an image.
  • The "Convert Point tool" converts Smooth points into Corner points and vice versa.
  • Just select the "Pen tool", from the toolbar, add points to draw an image.
  • Set Color using the "Color Picker".
  • Learn how to use the pentools with this video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:

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