Using the Move tool

How to use a Move Tool in adobe photoshop?


  • The Move Tool allows you to take any selection and move it to a different location.
  • Simply click and hold on the selection and then drag the mouse for moving the selection.
  • Open a new or existing Photoshop document.
  • In order to replace an image, text or any fragments of the layer select Move Tool from the Tool bar.
  • Simply click and drag the image to move to a desired location.
  • In this example, we have moved the 'Red color' and 'Orange Color' text to different locations by simply clicking and dragging the text using the moving tool.
  • You can also rotate, flip, and change the size and position of the image by checking the 'Show Bounding Bar' from the option listed at the top or by simply pressing CTRL+T in the keyboard.
  • Use the reference points; to change the image to a desired shape or angle.
  • Learn how to use Moving tool in adobe Photoshop with this video tutorial.

Video Tutorial:

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