Using the Measure Tool

How to use the Measure Tool in Adobe Photoshop?
Width, Height, Distance and angle meaurement of an image.


  • The "Measure Tool" is used to measure the distance between two points in the area.
  • Using the this tool one can plot the X and Y starting location, horizontal width, vertical height, total distance, and angle measure relative to the axis.
  • The plotting informations are displayed in the "info palette".
  • You can use this tool, just by dragging the mouse from top to bottom, left to right and check the distance values in the "Info Palette".
  • You can measure an angle, by pressing ALT key and dragging the mouse pointer at an angle from one end of the measuring line.
  • Always use the measurement tool from left to right.
  • The measuring width, height, angle can be observed from the "Options Bar" at the top.
  • Click on the "Clear" button in the "Options Bar" to clear the all the measured values.
  • This tool is available in Photoshop CS Version.

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