Using the Marquee Tools

How to use the Marquee Tool in adobe photoshop?
Learn about rectangular, elliptical, single row, single column marquee tools.


  • By using marquee tool we can select a portion of the image with different shapes.
  • Make a rectangular selection using "Rectangular Marquee Tool".
  • Make an elliptical selection using "Elliptical Marquee Tool".
  • Hold down the shift key upon selection to get perfect shapes.
  • Make a horizontal selection 1 pixel high using Single Row Marquee
  • Make a vertical selection 1 pixel wide using Single Column Marquee
  • Let us consider an example, were we use both rectangular and elliptical marquee tools.
  • Just click and drag on the image to select the required portion. To remove the selection go to Select > Deselect.
  • A new layer is automatically created upon pasting the copied selection.
  • When you select any marquee tool, related options appear in the Tool Options bar. This allows you to set the type of selection, feathering, etc.

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