Using the Eyedropper/Color Sampler Tools

How to use Eyedropper / Color Sampler Tools in Adobe Photoshop?


  • "Eyedropper" and "Color Sampler" are two types of color selection tools.
  • The "Eyedropper Tool"allows you to pick a color from an image that exists already.
  • The "Color Sampler Tool" allows you to view color values in defined spots of your image.
  • Each an every color selected by these tools are displayed in "Info Palette". Press "F8" to display info palette.
  • Just select the "Eyedropper Tool" from toolbar, click on the required color on the image.
  • Color picker will display the colour chosen by the "Eyedropper tool" automatically.
  • You can pick up a color, not only from the image opened in the Photoshop's workspace but also from other applications.
  • The "Color Sampler Tool" is same as the eye dropper tool.
  • User can mark upto four sample colors on your image, and the details are displayed in the "Info Palette".
  • To delete a sample, "Right click" on the sample in the image and select "Delete".

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