Adding Inner Light

How to Add Inner Light Effect to an image in Adobe Photoshop?


  • For Adding inner light effect, First Open a new or an existing psd file.
  • Select a portion of an image for inner lighting, and set the opacity to the required % in the "Layers Window".
  • To have inner ligting effect, Create aduplicate layer -> choose "Edit->Transform->Flip Vertical"
  • Using the Move Tool, move the selected area to the bottom of the image.
  • Choose "Filter->Blur-> Gaussian Blur", from the menu bar. set the radius in pixels as required.
  • Give final touches using "Image -> Adjustments -> Hue Saturation", enable the option "Colorize".
  • Click on "Ok", after setting the Hue, saturation and lightness.
  • You may now find an inner light effect in the sphere.

Video Tutorial:

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