Create a 3D Glossy Effect

How to Create an image with 3D Glossy Effect in Adobe Photoshop?


  • Let us see how to add 3D glossy effect to an image in this video tutorial.
  • Open a new or existing file in adobe photoshop.
  • As, we use an existing file, create a new layer say (layer2).
  • Glossy effect is given after leaving an outline, using "Select -> Modify -> Contrast", set contract to "5"pixels.
  • In the "Color Picker" specify the values: R=255, G=255, B=255 (white)for foreground color.
  • Set the foreground as transparent and select "Linear Gradient Tool", in the "Gradient Editor".
  • Simply drag the mouse over the image vertically from top to bottom, to fill the gradient.
  • Select "Edit -> Transform -> Disort" to transform the white gradient, click on "Enter" to render transformation.
  • You may now see a 3D glossy sphere.

Video Tutorial:

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