Transform an image and use Multiple Layers

How to Transform an image and use Multiple Layers?
Transforming an image using Flip Horizontal Option.


  • In this Video Tutorial we are about to discuss on how to transform an image using Flip horizontal.
  • For transforming an image, first Open an existing image file in adobe photoshop.
  • Crop the portion of the image to be moved to the new file using the crop tool.
  • Create a new file from File -> New, and move the cropped image to the new file created using the move tool.
  • Create around four duplicate layers, by right clicking the "Layers Window -> Select -> Duplicate Layer"
  • Select the image, Choose "Edit -> Transform -> Flip Horizontal", which flips the image left to right.
  • After transforming, Click and drag the transformed image to the required position.

Video Tutorial:

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