Using Crop Tool

How to Crop or clip an Image in Adobe Photoshop?


  • The "Crop Tool" is used to crop or clip an image.
  • Cropping tool is often used to remove borders, or to eliminate unwanted areas from an image.
  • You can set the width, height and resolution for the image to be cropped in the "Options Bar" at the top.
  • Here find an example on how to use cropping tool in adobe photoshop.
  • Drag the mouse over the image and press enter key to crop the selection, double click to save the cropped area.
  • Usually for web based application cropping, resolution of 72 pixels is recommended.
  • The Shift+C shortcut will change the active tool to the Crop Tool.
  • You can combine cropping and resizing in the same operation, using the options in the options bar.

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