User Defined Functions in Perl

What is a User Defined Function in Perl?
How to call a function using user defined functions?


The User Defined Function is a set of code that will be executed when the function is called. In Perl user defined function does'nt require arguments, but if needed arguments can be passed.


sub function_name

In the above syntax "function_name" specifies a unique name for the function, in the "function body" contains a set of code to be executed when there is a function call.

Example for user defined func, using function call:

#! C:programfilesperlbinperl
print "content-type: text/htmlnn";
sub present
print "The Key is present.n";
sub notpresent
print "The Key not present.n";
%emp = ('empno' => '12422' , 'empname' => 'Kate Anderson',
'empph' => '9167552148', 'empcode' => 'ADS212');
if (exists $emp{'empcode'})
Result :

The Key is present.

In the above example using exists() function a value is checked in an array, if present, it calls a function "present()" otherwise, it calls a function "notpresent()". Since the "empcode" is present, it displays "The Key is present".

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