Perl Basics - Help Tutorial

How can I use Perl?
What are the basis of perl?


An example to help you know how a Perl program is executed, we will try to print a string "Hi, How are You". Just open a notepad or wordpad type in the following code

Sample Code:

#! C:programfilesperlbinperl
print "content-type: text/htmlnn";
print "<b>Hi, How are You</b>";
Result :

Hi,How are You

In the above example first line specifies the path in which perl is installed, to find this path search for the file "perl.exe" from the command prompt, the second line in the code is added when there is a need to print a string. After this its easy to add any html tags using the print statements using the double quotes

While saving the file save it with .pl or .ple extension, run the file from your browser.


The path in which Perl is installed will differ from system to system.

Go ahead with this help tutorial. As you read more you will understand it well.


This tutorial assumes that your server has perl installed in it.

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