Arrays Manipulation in Perl

How to Manipulate Arrays in Perl?


Manipulate or Combine elements to an array in different ways.

@CombinedArray = (@Array1, @Array2);

Using the above code, the resulting array contains all the elements in @Array1, followed by that of @Array2. To append a scalar element to the end of an array, you can write, for example,

@MyArray = (@MyArray, $NewElement);

Example to Manipulate Arrays:

#! C:programfilesperlbinperl
print "content-type: text/htmlnn";
@array1 = ("red", "green");
@array2 = ("blue", "white");
@combined = (@array1, @array2);
$, = "n";
print @combined;
print "<br>";
@new = (@combined,orange);
$, = "n";
print @new;
Result :

red green blue white
red green blue white orange

In the above manipulation example, first two arrays "array1","array2" are combined, then a new element "orange" is added to the existing array as it is a scalar element.

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