MySQL Where statement

How to use MySQL Where Clause in Select Query?


MySQL Where Statement :

We can select a particular row using the WHERE clause statement. We can also check any condition using WHERE clause or keyword. Where condition comes handy when we come across a big table having huge volume of data but we might want to see only small number of rows satisfying a condition.
Select Using Where in MySQL syntax is

Syntax :

SELECT what_to_select FROM tbl_name WHERE conditions_to_satisfy;

Here the conditions_to_satisfy specifies one or more conditions that rows must satisfy to qualify for retrieval.

Example :

Let's see an example query for retrieving a single student data using the MySQL WHERE clause.
MySQL Where statement

Here in the above example query we have retrieved a single student details. Suppose if we want to retrieve the student's details who have secured more than 90 marks, we can use the below query.
MySQL Where statement
We have used the mysql where statement to select the particular data from table.

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